T-minus 44 hours til the written exam

Well, my focus coming up to the written has been to take as many of the Boson practice exams as possible.  I feel quite confident at this point, I’m scoring in the 85-90% range on every test.  Part of me fears, though, that this is just because I’m learning what the correct answer is, rather than understanding the concept completely.  L3 is by far my strength for the written, I’m confident in my EIGRP, OSPF and BGP when it comes to the fundamentals that will be tested on the written.  QoS is by far my weakest subject.  Every time I’m asked to know the difference between LLQ, CBWFQ, WRED, RED and every other acronym that I’ve come to loathe at this point, I feel a shrinking in my confidence.  This will definitely be an area that I want to turn around when I begin my CCIE lab studies. 

I’m doing ok with multicast, I understand the basic concepts and have done some PIM-SSM at work, but this is another area that I really want to get a good grasp on when I move into my lab studies.  Then again, I’m getting ahead of myself as usual since I haven’t even passed the written (YET!).  My plan after passing is to immediately start studying for the lab.  Too many times I have passed a test and decided that I needed some down time.  I don’t want that luxury this time, especially with the rumblings about v5 being released soon enough.


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